4GREER, Acronym for Genuine, Robust, Efficient, Excellence, Reliable, was created on August 22, 2008 to fill the demands of a specialized niche market mainly found within Military, Law Enforcement, and Night Hunting Sports, also known as Lamping and Varmint Hunting. All 4GREER products are designed to be the best in their class capable of operating in extreme cold and hot environments.

4GREER, with head office in Canada, was created out of a Canadian-Thai venture. The growth of 4GREER comes from the word of mouth of thousands of satisfied clients found around the globe.

Logo Design
The 4GREER Logo, a registered trade mark, is a stylized version of the Canadian Snow Owl. The logo represents our products and expectations of the brand. The top is the head with flames of fire representing light. The check mark starts from owl's right eye passing to the top of the opposite eye, represents our dedication to Quality Control. The different size eyes represents small bright flashlight to a larger flashlight for extreme brightness and distance. The head with flames sitting on the check mark represents our mounting systems.

Highlight of Product History

Our first product, released in 2008, the 4GREER WS1, very small handheld bright flashlight, backed with a lifetime warranty, made to last and perform in the extreme cold of the Canadian North to the hottest nights in Thailand. Designed based on feedback of law enforcement officers from around the world.

The 4GREER 18650 batteries with a 10 year shelf life, and protection circuits, are made for the many who depend on reliable performance in extreme weather. Since our very first 18650 battery, all are manufactured with the very best cells made in Japan.

The 4GREER LWS3, is a long distance throw flood, and crowd control, flashlight with built in redundancy. Able to illuminate objects over a 500 meter distance, has a hidden strobe for crowd control. Designed on feedback of Thai Military personal working the front lines of a major national protest, who where seeking a tool which could control a crowd, without the use of physical force. The hidden strobe irritate eyes within a 100 meter distance causing people to step back and look away. Also an excellent tool for search and rescue applications.

The 4GREER MS1, Mount System 1, allowing long distance throw flashlights, and laser sights, to be safely mounted on high end scopes of various sizes without damage to the scope, laser sight, or flashlight body. The 4GREER MS1 has an adjustment for height to compensate for drop over distance. The thumb screw made for an easy and fast separation of the flashlight, or laser sight, from the scope. Durable, immune to UV, made robust for extreme weather use with one of the strongest engineered Carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, PEEK CA30 as per Military Specifications: MIL-P-46183.

The 4GREER RangeMaster and RangeMaster C are programmable flashlights with a very narrow focused beam of light to illuminate targets hundreds of meters in the distance. Originally designed and developed to meet the demands of night hunters and snipers in the UK, has since become the top choice in countries around the world.


The 4GREER A2, Advanced 2 Channel Automatic Hybrid Battery Charger with Power bank. Designed and developed to quickly and properly charge 4GREER batteries, as well as the most popular sizes and types of rechargeable batteries on the market. The added value to an already well made charger, is the power bank feature.


The 4GREER HI, and 4GREER HIC are designed on the AX Series format allowing for future upgrades and sharing of accessories between models and brands. 4GREER HI introduced 2016, and the 4GREER HIC introduced 2017, creates a new international standard of performance with efficiency. Both models are simple to use, and the same time offer advance features, such as sculptured stainless steel bezel, lockout, programmable side switch with variable intensity, hidden strobe and SOS. Design, materials, workmanship, and the Hard Anodized type 3 finish, meets the standards for military use worldwide.


The 4GREER HIP designed and developed specially for law enforcement. A standard size body, easy to use, packed with features in a flashlight made to last.


What to Expect
New products are constantly been designed, developed, and rigorous tested before going to production.


Keep the 4GREER.com site bookmarked and check in regularly for upcoming new product releases.

4GREER is a Registered Trademark.

© 2008 4GREER