4GREER Collimator 4GREER Collimator without Thread Cover 4GREER Collimator with Stainless Steel Bezel

4GREER Collimator for optimal optical focus so intense it will make visible the shape of the LED projected as a light source. The 4GREER Collimator designed for 4GREER RM models is housed in aircraft grade alloy T6063, Hard Anodized Type 3, with a specially made aspheric lens, mounting adaptor with a 2nd flat Ultra Clear lens. Threaded to accept accessories like a stainless steel bezel or filter. Easy to install and use, the 4GREER collimator designed to replace the need for a reflector assembly.

4GREER Collimator used with RangeMaster creates a 1.95 degree narrow long distance throw over 400 metres, while remaining light weight and excellent for tactical use.


One Year to Lifetime Warranty

One Year Warranty for the seals, Ultra Clear Lens.

Limited Lifetime Warranty for the life of the original owner, with exception to items covered by the one year warranty. In any country, or under any jurisdiction, where restrictions exist on limited lifetime warranties, or purchased for corporate, government, military, or police use, we offer a 10-year limited warranty.

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