4GREER MS1, Mounting System 1 designed to fit most popular telescopic sights sizes: 25mm, 30mm and 34mm and gun mountable flashlights 25.4mm. Silica gel bushings are included for smaller sized 25mm and 30mm scopes, as well as bushing for 21mm for smaller diameter flashlights and lasers.

4GREER MS1 is made robust with one of the strongest engineered plastics, PEEK CA30, as per military specification: MIL-P-46183 Type III, Class 2, Polyetheretherketone, 30% Carbon-fiber reinforced.

4GREER MS1 unique features:

Limited Lifetime Warranty

4GREER warrants MS1 Mounting System to be free from defect in workmanship and materials, including the bushings, for the lifetime of the original owner.

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