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4GREER RangeMaster C Programmable Long Distance Throw Tactical Flashlight with Collimator, Lanyard, Spare O-Rings and Glow in Dark Rubber Button, optional Extension Tube and Tactical Switch.

4GREER RangeMaster C designed for 1.95 degree narrow long distance throw over 400 metres, while remaining light weight and excellent for close range and tactical use. User-defined infinite brightness, adjustable speed strobe, SOS, blink, and tactical function.


Programmable Switch Details

Tactical Switch Details

One Year to Lifetime Warranty

One Year Warranty for the seals, rubber tail cap button, LED module, lens, programmable and tactical switch.

Limited Lifetime Warranty for the life of the original owner, with exception to items covered by the one year warranty. In any country, or under any jurisdiction, where restrictions exist on limited lifetime warranties, or purchased for corporate, government, military, or police use, we offer a 10-year limited warranty.

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