4GREER WS1, White Snow One, is an Every Day Carry Flashlight designed on the feedback from people working in law enforcement, with focus on reliable, light weight, water proof, easy to use, with exceptional performance backed with a lifetime warranty.

Made robust with aircraft grade alloy, hard anodize Type 3 black, half the length of the common pen, includes a reversible clip for mounting on a belt, hat, or shirt pocket. The body has a counter weight allowing the 4GREER WS1 to be used as a candle. The rib provides additional grip for ease of use with gloves. Turns on and off quickly with a twist, with built in lockout feature. 4GREER WS1 can also be used as a tactical flashlight, simply twist 1/8 turn from the on position, and then can be turned on by pressing the end of the body with the thumb with one finger on the rib.


Lifetime Warranty

4GREER warrants our WS1 model flashlight to be free from defect in workmanship and materials, including the Cree LED housed within, for the lifetime of the original owner. Improper use, misuse, abuse, or alteration will void any warranty covering the WS1 flashlight. In any country, or under any jurisdiction, where restrictions exist on limited lifetime warranties, or are purchased for corporate, government, military, or police use, 4GREER offers a 10-year limited warranty.

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